Evacuator wireless fire alarm range

At KGM Fire and Security, we provide the latest fire & security technology at accessible prices. In an ever-changing industry, companies need to be prepared to manage any potential sources of risk. Regardless of the scale of the project, fire alarms are undoubtedly one of the most important parts of assuring the protection of construction sites.

Evacuator wireless fire alarm range

Evacuator Alarms are specialists in Fire Safety products and systems. Their wireless fire alarm range allows for companies to create a more reliable and safer environment. An advantage of the wireless systems is that they allow for scalability. Whenever you need to expand or move your site, they can easily be modified without the need for cables and additional works.

Touch Screen Base Station Features

The Touch Screen Base Station is a powerful tool that comes with a wide range of features that makes it easier for the users to oversee the safety of a site. With an 8GB SD Card incorporated into it, the Base Station collects all the data, including dates and times, from the devices connected to it. This way, the user gets to have an instant real-time site view and ensure that everyone is safe.

The Touch Screen Base Station has an initial self-installation process and comes with other useful features such as a screen saver mode, system battery monitor and a battery backup option, just to name a few. Used for indoors only, the base station allows users to have 40 Addressable devices Per zone, with up to 15 Zones (1 Zone Master required per zone). See the user guide for more information.

Call Points

The wireless call points are designed with a sounder strobe to provide visual and audible warning upon activation.  The built in frequency technology allows up to 40 site alarms to be wirelessly interlinked. When interlinked the call point can be used to test or reset the wireless system from a single location.

Text Master

When an alarm is triggered the text master informs key members of staff by sending a text message. In turn, the user can reset the alarm with a unique passcode and a simple “turn off alarm” command. It is important to understand the needs of your site before deciding on adding a Text Master to your system.

Smoke Detectors

Wireless Smoke Detectors can be incorporated into your wireless system to further strengthen the fire safety measures on your site. The detector comes with built in radio frequency allowing the detector to wirelessly interlink with up to 40 devices. Designed to detect fast flaming fires and provide an early warning upon detection of fire.

Heat Detectors

The synergy heat detector is an ideal addition to your wireless system. The detector also comes with built in radio frequency allowing the detector to wirelessly interlink with up to 40 devices. Once alerted it triggers all non-detector site alarms to sound.

First Aid

Evacuator have created a dual purpose device combining a call point with a first aid function. In the event of a first aid call the location of the device will be displayed on the base stations screen and the base station buzzer activated. To avoid a full building evacuation, when a first aid call is made, it will only alert for local first aid assistance required and will not activate any of the systems call point sounders or strobe units.

If you would like to find out more about the Evacuator wireless fire alarm range please contact us on 01634 716882 or pop us an email over at sales@kgmfireandsecurity.co.uk and we will be happy to offer you more information and answer your questions.


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