Smart Cages

Smart+Cage protects essential Fire, Safety and Security equipment from theft, vandalism or accidental damage. Constructed from PVC coated 4mm steel bar, these tough resilient waterproof cages provide security for a wide range of devices.

The datasheet for this product can be downloaded here.

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Below is a list of the part numbers and descriptions of this product range:

SG/SC-001 – SC-001 Smart Cage 205x145x65mm

SG/SC-002 – SC-002 Smart Cage 205x145x95mm

SG/SC-004 – SC-004 Smart Cage 155x100x80mm

SG/SC-005 – SC-005 Smart Cage 155x100x110mm

SG/SC-006 – SC-006 Smart Cage 162x80x100mm