Twinflex Pro Panels

The TwinflexPro2 panel is an intelligent 2-wire panel that utilises a conventional type cabling format. The system is classed as Analogue non- addressable due to the architecture used within the design. The devices communicate with the control panel using the Twinflex data protocol. The TwinflexPro2 panel is available in 2,4 & 8 zone variants which support up to 32 Twinflex devices per circuit.

The datasheet for this product can beĀ downloaded here

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Below is a list of the part numbers and descriptions of this product range:

505-0002 – Twinflex Pro Panel 2-Zone requires 3.2Ah Batteries

505-0004 – Twinflex Pro Panel 4-Zone requires 3.2Ah Batteries

505-0008 – Twinflex Pro Panel 8-Zone requires 3.2Ah Batteries