Call Points & Accessories

Two versions of the BiWire Ultra callpoints are available in this range, the EF201BWCP which can be either surface or flush mounted and the EF203BWCPWP which is a weatherproof version. Both the EF201BWCP and the EF203BWCPWP are compatible with the Eaton’s BiWire Ultra range of fire systems.

The datasheet for this product can be downloaded below:

Call Points


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Below is a list of the part numbers and descriptions of this product range:

EF201BWCP – BiWire, Call Point

EF203BWCPWP – BiWire, Call Point, Weatherproof

MFBGKEY3 – Call Point Keys (Pack of 10)

CXPC – Protective Hinged Cover

CXP/Kit 10 – Resettable Element Kit (Pack of 10)

MBG118 – Spare Break Glasses (Pack of 5)

FX5G – Spare Break Glasses (Pack of 5)