BiWire Flexi Panels

BiWire Flexi combines two technologies to provide a truly versatile fire safety solution. The panel can be configured to allow either two-wire or conventional devices to work on a zone. Each zone is individually configurable so a mixture of types can therefore be installed on the same system. This provides you with the flexibility to utilise all the time-saving benefits of a two-wire system with the ability to use a wide range of conventional devices, where required.

The datasheet for this product can be downloaded here.

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Below is a list of the part numbers and descriptions of this product range:

EFBW2ZFLEXI – Eaton BiWire Flexi 2 Zone Panel

EFBW4ZFLEXI – Eaton BiWire Flexi 4 Zone Panel

EFBW8ZFLEXI – Eaton BiWire Flexi 8 Zone Panel