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The original Solo detector  testing  toolkit  includes  functional  testing equipment  for smoke  (Solo A3), CO  (Solo C3),  heat  (Solo  461)  detectors  and  detector  removal  tools  for  high  level,  all  interchangeable  on  telescopic fiberglass access poles. Solo testers are available either as separate components or as complete kits – configured both by height and application


Uniquely capable of producing smoke, heat and CO stimuli Testifire enables tests of fire detector sensors to be conducted independently, sequentially or simultaneously. Equally suitable for single or multi-sensor, point or aspirating fire detectors, Testifire is the most advanced fire detector tester available today. UL certified, Testifire is approved by leading detector manufacturers from around the world.

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Fire and life safety detection evolution has in recent years been characterised by increasingly sophisticated sensing seeking to defeat false alarms through discrimination between ‘false’ and ‘real’ stimuli. This has been accompanied by the advent of multi (or combined) sensors comprising independent (and/or inter dependent) technologies...

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