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Global Fire Equipment

Global SA design a range of addressable interfaces from Inputs to Loop Sounder Controllers to be used in conjunction with their range of addressable fire panels.


Apollo manufactures a comprehensive range of interfaces for systems which enable fire protection solutions to be engineered simply and effectively without the need for custom-designed equipment. There are a variety of interfaces available to suit a number of individual applications.


Hochiki produce a range of addressable interfaces which are compatible with their ESP protocol.



We offer a range of relays to suite many installation needs from 12Volt relays to multifunction isolation devices. The products have features (mechanical, electrical or software) that engineers have requested but were unable to source from other companies.


Fire System Mains Voltage Safety Isolator

The Mains Voltage Isolator provides a secure method for safety isolating the mains voltage supply to 'fire control and indicating equipment' [CIE] (also suitable for security and access control and indicating equipment).



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> Addressable  Detection
> Conventional & 2 Wire Detection
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> Addressable Call Points
> Conventional & 2 Wire Call Points
> Interfaces
> Power supplies & Door Retainers
> Beam Detectors
> Disabled Refuge
> Test Equipment
> Emergency Lighting
> Fire Extinguishers
> Signage

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Fire and life safety detection evolution has in recent years been characterised by increasingly sophisticated sensing seeking to defeat false alarms through discrimination between ‘false’ and ‘real’ stimuli. This has been accompanied by the advent of multi (or combined) sensors comprising independent (and/or inter dependent) technologies...

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