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Beam detection has always been seen as the most economical way to protect large areas, but in the past this was seen as unreliable. Building movement and accessibility made beam detection unreliable, difficult, time consuming to commission and hard to maintain. Only now, with the introduction of The Fire Beam's advanced technology, is reliability no longer a problem and beam detection can be used with complete confidence. The Fire Beam will self-align itself to the centre of the reflector when commissioning and will automatically keep alignment when building movement occurs. This intelligent motorisation will mean less false alarms therefore saving time, resources, reputations and ultimately money.


FIRERAY Optical Beam Smoke Detectors are an efficient and economical way of providing "wide area” smoke detection. They are usually used in situations where it is impractical, inappropriate or not cost effective (installation, wiring and maintenance) to use traditional point-type detectors and they also enable coverage of a large area at minimal cost. When it comes to Optical Beam Smoke Detectors no other company has the expertise or the product range of Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd, with over 700,000 beam detectors installed, including installations at some of the world's most prestigious buildings.


Open-area Smoke Imaging Detection (OSID) by Xtralis is an innovative system for reliable, cost-effective smoke detection for large, open spaces requiring standard sensitivity detection. In its simplest configuration, OSID uses one imager, a camera-like device with a wide field of view, and a wired or battery-powered emitter roughly aligned on the opposite wall within the protected area. The emitter sends both infrared and ultraviolet coded light signals to the imager. If the light reception is altered due to the presence of genuine smoke particles, the imager will go into alarm.



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Fire and life safety detection evolution has in recent years been characterised by increasingly sophisticated sensing seeking to defeat false alarms through discrimination between ‘false’ and ‘real’ stimuli. This has been accompanied by the advent of multi (or combined) sensors comprising independent (and/or inter dependent) technologies...

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