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Fire resistant cables form part of the emergency and essential building service systems required to operate in the event of fire and Prysmian leads the way with FP.

FP is the original, easy to install and fully compliant fire safety cable range, approved by engineers, installers and regulators. Choose FP, only from Prysmian, to help protect property and save lives in a fire.

Cable Accessories

We offer a wide range of cabling accessories including glands, P Clips, cable ties and galvanized boxes all of which are designed to provide a fire resistant fixing solution, which is quick and easy to install.

Trunking & Conduit

We stock sticky back mini-trunking 16 x 25mm, and 25mm conduit, both in 3 metre lengths along with a wide range of fittings.


Fixings & Fasteners

We stock a full range of common fixings and fasteners including screws, plugs and sealants.


Yucel by Yuasa is the tactical value range but is still made to the same high standard’s you come to expect from the yuasa range.



Protect emergency keys and documents whilst keeping them accessible in the event of an emergency.

Temporary alarms

Temporary fire alarms are an ideal solution when a fire alarm is only required for a short period of time.  We offer a few different variations from hand driven bells to interlinked push button sounder strobes.

Home detection

Both battery and mains powered smoke and heat detectors are available. We also offer battery powered CO detectors.



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Fire and life safety detection evolution has in recent years been characterised by increasingly sophisticated sensing seeking to defeat false alarms through discrimination between ‘false’ and ‘real’ stimuli. This has been accompanied by the advent of multi (or combined) sensors comprising independent (and/or inter dependent) technologies...

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